Video Game Preservation is Already Complicated

Since the dual announcements in the last month of Google Stadia and the Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, many observers within the video game industry are rightfully concerned about what these new platforms mean for the long-term preservation of video games. As physical releases are gradually replaced by downloadable copies and streams from servers,Continue reading “Video Game Preservation is Already Complicated”

Likenesses Within the Reach of All: A Lesson in Digital Preservation

In the planning phase of every digital humanities project, the individual or team has to grapple with the issue of digital sustainability and preservation. When the project is finished, who is going to maintain it? How long will it be updated? Will it be hosted by a library, university, or publisher? Will the project beContinue reading “Likenesses Within the Reach of All: A Lesson in Digital Preservation”

Online Writing Roundup, Fall 2017

I’ve been busy! Fall semester has proven to be extremely productive, both with my department’s spatial art history projects and with these short pieces I’ve written for various online outlets: H-Slavery: Slavery in Revolutionary-Era Connecticut (Topical Guide) Atlanta Studies: The Battle of Atlanta: Past vs. Present in ATL Maps Epoiesen: Destory History: Second Response I’mContinue reading “Online Writing Roundup, Fall 2017”

Visual Resources Librarian

I’m very happy to share that today was my first day as the Visual Resources Librarian in the Art History Department at Emory University. The position is largely split between data curation and project management and I will be supporting some phenomenal projects going forward. This will include contributing to existing projects like Samothrace, Mapping Senufo, and Views of Rome, asContinue reading “Visual Resources Librarian”

Greetings from Alabama: A Pictorial History in Vintage Postcards

I am happy to announce that my book is finally available! Greetings from Alabama: A Pictorial History in Vintage Postcards, was released by NewSouth Books at the end of October. Nancy DuPree, my co-author and curator of the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection, and I worked for roughly a year and a half on the book. TheContinue reading “Greetings from Alabama: A Pictorial History in Vintage Postcards”

Teaching Special Collections with

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of welcoming one of Dr. Hilary Green’s class into the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection. While I have worked with Dr. Green in the past for a class on African American History, this one is titled “Civil War Still Lives!: Race, Memory, and Politics of Reunion.” The course focusesContinue reading “Teaching Special Collections with”