Video Game Preservation is Already Complicated

Since the dual announcements in the last month of Google Stadia and the Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, many observers within the video game industry are rightfully concerned about what these new platforms mean for the long-term preservation of video games. As physical releases are gradually replaced by downloadable copies and streams from servers,Continue reading “Video Game Preservation is Already Complicated”

Fall Conference Presentations

I attended two conferences in October and I’ve been able to upload the presentations to their respective respositories: Atlanta Housing Interplay: Reinventing the Digital Monograph Periphery and (Digital) Center: The Need for Digital Translators in Academic Departments

Back to the Blog

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I should post more on my blog in order to explore what’s going on in my work and my various fields of interest. This feeling has only been reinforced by Dan Cohen’s recent entry on his own site entitled “Back to the Blog.” I’ve been very vocal on Twitter recentlyContinue reading “Back to the Blog”


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