Slavery and FTL: Faster Than Light

In order to make better use of my blog, I’m going to write some smaller posts that cover something I’ve noticed in many modern games. Through several fantasy, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic settings, slavery is featured as part of the in-game society. Games like FTL: Faster Than Light, Fallout 3, and the Mass Effect seriesContinue reading “Slavery and FTL: Faster Than Light”

Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship

Oh that’s right, I have a blog. Apologies for the lengthy hiatus. Summer, for any graduate student, is never as restful as you think it is going to be. I recently completed another chapter draft of my dissertation and hopefully this will allow me to commit some more time to posting on the internet. ToContinue reading “Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship”

ICYMI: Teaching Intersectionality Through Halo

A few weeks ago, I helped Samantha Allen teach her class about intersectionality through the video game series Halo. Samantha has her writeup about the exercise over on The Border House. I was there largely to provide tutorials to inexperienced students and switch players in and out of the games. I’m happy to have been involvedContinue reading “ICYMI: Teaching Intersectionality Through Halo”

THATCamp Feminisms South: Video Games and Feminism Resources

This material is by no means exhaustive, but will provide an introduction to current issues of gender equality and feminism in video games. Some Background Feminist Frequency, Home of Anita Sarkeesian Damsels in Distress: Part 1. The first entry in Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Wikipedia Vandalism against Sarkeesian Visual Attacks against Sarkeesian SexualContinue reading “THATCamp Feminisms South: Video Games and Feminism Resources”

Welcome to The Uneasy Half-Literate.

Welcome! I decided to migrate from my old Tumblr to something a bit more substantial. While I will still post the occasional odd find, I will be using this space for musings on research, dissertation writing, digital archives work, and current issues in the field. Which means I should probably explain the name. “The UneasyContinue reading “Welcome to The Uneasy Half-Literate.”